Monday, January 16, 2006

Pubs, Celebs and Brunch

One of the last things I still had yet to show Katie was the dingy London pub world - so on Friday night after work Charles, Nat, Kimberley and I took her out for a few too many pints in the city. One of the crusty pubs from the Monopoly pub crawl, and then another we just happened upon...and then into a club in the city. Mission accomplished!!

The next morning, feeling very seedy, Katie dragged me off to the last remaining things she wanted to see. The must take photo crossing the pedestrian crossing in Abbey Road, then into Hamleys Toy Store for Katie to make a bear from the Bear Factory. A couple of photos in the tube, we then went along to Madame Tussaud's. Feeling quite dodgy, I certainly hadn't dressed for a dinner date with George Clooney!! Hee hee!

I have had no real desire to go along to this before, but it was actually heaps of fun! Where else do you get an opportunity to hang out with Madge, squeeze Robbie's bum, realise that Prince William is way too tall for you, and punch Little Johnny in the nose without getting arrested!!?? Gold!

Half the time we didn't know who was real in the room, and who was made of wax. We actually stood and waited for a wax figure to take a photo for a little longer than was right! How embarrassing! Hee hee.

After the high of mucking about and getting our funny photos, we then went into The Chamber - LIVE! not really having a clue what it was.... And being scared to death!!! I have never been so frightened in all my life!! Katie and I were actually clinging to each other with terror!! We cowered behind a couple, of which the guy was also hanging back from entering each it must have been scary!!

Needless to say, the figures in this room were real, and jumped out at you, grabbed you, and ran at you in the dark. One of them hovered behind me for ages. I have never been so scared!!

Ahhhhh - Tom and Katie!! Hee hee. (More photos)

Yesterday Katie and I had brunch in Little Venice, which is two stops away from home, at Cafe LaVille, and then headed to Notting Hill for the Portobello Market.
After cupcakes and hot chocolate to die for at the Hummingbird Bakery (thanks for the tip, Melpo!!), we headed home to get ready for the tube ordeal to Heathrow - some of the lines were down for "engineering work". Always the way when you want to go anywhere. A true London experience to end Katie's trip.

Thanks so much for coming over to the other side of the world to visit me, Katie! I had so much fun. Very proud of you for making the trip on your own, and so didn't want you to go! (And I hope you are joking about the plane being bogged!! You should be in Hong Kong for your last change by now....)

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  1. Hummingbird Bakery is one of my favourite cupcake places in the world! Where was my invite? *g*

    Glad your sis had a great time! Your a great tour guide!


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