Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Let there be light

In an attempt to beat the gloom of the oppressive London darkness, and the effects of the lack of daylight hours which means that it's dark when I leave for work, and dark when I leave the office...and a bit of homesickness that has crept in since Katie has gone and the knowledge that the girls have been sitting in the sunshine at the tennis back home for the last two days...I went along to the Light Lounge last night for a fix!

There was must media interest in this last week, and so we decided to book a treatment! The light boxes set up in the room are supposedly the recommended treatment for SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, with a twenty minute exposure to the bright light being a substitute from the natural light we all need. And this should cure the winter blues for a little bit!

So my housemates and I, and Nat and Niny went along hoping for the best. We were set up in the little room with the light boxes, on the couch with reading material. The guy gaves us the little disclaimer that it sometimes takes two or three sessions to feel a change....right.

Anyway, we soaked up the artifical light for our twenty minutes, and then were back out in the gloomy rain, the soul destroying tube, and London humanity....hmmmm, not sure that it worked!!! Will have to work on convincing myself some more!! Hee hee.

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