Friday, March 31, 2006

Aussie victory in Durban

Monday night I caught up with Donna, when she picked the four of us up from our backpackers, and took us out to dinner. I haven't seen Donna since I left after my couple of months in Nashville, back in 1999/2000, when Michelle was aupairing at the same time as her. Was great to catch up with her, after 6 years, remineice about Christmas and that New Years Eve in New Orleans, and catch up on what she is up to now.

We had dinner out on Florida Road, at a place called TriBeCa, before we headed off to check out the SunCoast Casino on Durban for a bit of a look at the massive and very colouful complex.

Tuesday we were set for a very big day at the cricket, with the first ball at 9.30am, it was an earlier start. Ricky off for the day with food poisoning, the day of cricket got quite stressful. Would we lose this, and have an early declaration to blame, would light end it all in a draw, or could the lads take these wickets? It was game on.

The beer started to flow after lunch, and the cricket got tense...but the Aussies came up with the goods, Warne very good.

Winning the series, 2-0, meant that Charles was removed of his now infamous mullet right there on the hill. Some not so tidy work with a few Swiss army knives, and he looks like the old Charlie again. ( More photos )

Celebratory drinks at the ground, some more at the hostel whilst we got ready to head out, before hitting Joe Kool's (again! Even after the other nights! Amazing, but true!) with the Waving the Flag gang.

Turned into a massive night to mark the series win. Still piecing it together today, with stories aplenty! After Joe Kool's many of us headed to The Wonder Bar, which was going mad!! South African players were out, and, well....we had a huge one!!

A hangover to end all hangovers for me yesterday - I swear I am never drinking again!! Well, at least until Tea at the match tomorrow, I guess..... Ohh, so very unwell!!

Today Charles and I have boarded a bus from Durban to Johannesburg, through the mountains and rolling hills, through town, arriving at the unnerving Jo'burg station.


  1. I'm not going to say unfair that you had dinner with MY friend in South Africa but please say that you have photos!?!?!?

    Glad the SA trip is going well, and so successfully with the cricket.

  2. Well, you know Michelle, she would be happy to see you, anytime!! Get over here and visit her, already!! No excuses!!

  3. The mullet was horrid. I was embrassed to be his brother.


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