Monday, May 15, 2006

Regent's, Lord's and Helsinki

Yesterday the homeless girl staying with me, Sharna (Michelle's little sister), and I headed off from home after lunch to walk down Abbey Road, and see the recording studio. After the obligatory photo of Sharna walking across the pedestrian crossing, we then walked further down, past Lord's and down into Regent's Park.

With the sun shining and all the flowers in bloom, Regent's Park is gorgeous at the moment. We sat for a bit on the deck chairs by the lake, and watched people paddle by in the row boats.

After walking through the park, and finding out what was in there, we headed back the way we came, and found some lads leaving the cricket. After some smooth talking by Sharna, we scored their tickets, and managed to get into the ground for the last hour of play. Awesome! It was so exciting to be in at Lord's soaking up the atmosphere, and watching England play Sri Lanka on the hallowed turf.

Sitting with the lovely Pavillion at one end, and the spaceship style media centre at the other end, the crowd was lively, and we even got to see a wicket. (More photos)

At stumps, we then walked home for a quick dinner and a few drinks, and to load up with a traveller, before heading into ULU to see Melbourne band Architecture in Helsinki's only UK show this year.

They were awesome! Was so much fun, with their funky music, and weird instrument choices. Dancing up the front, nice and close to see all the silliness going on on stage. Ohhh, and one of the guys who plays bass and drums is hot!! Hee hee.

Charged from our massive day, we arrived home, made a call home to wish Mum a Happy Mother's Day, and then crossed the road to join Toni and her mates in the house party over there.


  1. Oh...! That explains the 7:30am wake up call on Sunday morning - you, unlike us, were lucky enough to get architecture tickets! I thought you followed my phone call with a drunken happy mother's day one!!! Respect restored (for now)!

  2. Didn't you love the call!!?? Thought you would have enjoyed hearing Whirlwind!! Boo to you for not picking up at that hour!! My London to Melbourne time zone calculation doesn't work after a few drinks!! And neither does yours, just quitely!!


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