Sunday, May 21, 2006

Walk the World

This morning Sharna, Toni and I set off from home, and walked down to Regent's Park to join the Walk the World to Fight Hunger. We met up with Charlotte and Di, and the rain started coming down, at the starting line.

A 5km walk around the park, to raise awareness and funds, for the World Food Programme, the idea is that all over the world people would be walking for the same cause today. Perhaps elsewhere, though, it didn't rain the whole time!! Hee hee.

The World Food Programme is one of the UN programmes I have seen first hand at work, and thus am happy to support them. In one of the little villages in Prey Veng, Cambodia, the locals actually called rice "world food programme", because that's what it says on the sacks that the rice is delivered in. We ordered "world food programme" at one of the little road side restaurants when I was there! At least I know they deliver what they say they do!

After getting around the circuit, which didn't take long at all, there were sponsers giving out all sorts of goodies. Felt very wrong having just walked for hunger and then being given free cookies, smoothies, and fruit!!

Completely water-logged, Toni, Sharna and I made it home, having completed twice the distance for the day!

1 comment:

  1. I think I said I'd sponsor you. I'll give you a fiver when I get back if I'm not too late.


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