Saturday, November 25, 2006

Day One of the Ashes

I have arrived on home turf, and was picked up at the airport by Dave in the early hours of the morning on Tuesday. Bless! He's a good lad! He took me around to get a bit of a feel for Brisbane, and see the city from the hills.

Charles arrived the next day, after Remy and a misguided trip to the airport, and it felt like the old clan was together again for the cricket!

Day One of the Ashes - so much anticipation, so much hype - worth every minute! We awoke early (how can you not when it's bright out at 4.30am!!??), got ready, and got a lift into the 'Gabba. We found our seats, and got pumped with the ground full of nervous energy. The anthem was sung, and the toss was won...

A ridiculous wide to start the match, and it was game on! Day One saw Ricky bat a sterling innings, minus four in the end, and a great start by the Aussies.

Security is tight here at the ground. No backpacks, no trumpets, no fun, no full strength there much we can do anymore!!?? The Barmy Army are silenced at every's not right!

Meanwhile, the Aussies are in cracking form...not that I saw much for half the game yesterday after a hangover from hell. Coming good again at Tea, and one of the most exciting sessions of cricket! All good.

Today we watched the too old McGrath show that his still has it....and a cheeky stop over at the pub across the road at Lunch and Tea has tonight flying!

It's the Ashes!!! Poised for a great day tomorrow. The real question at the moment is - what are we going to do on Monday? The Beach? Sounds good!

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  1. ugh! they're taking all the fun out of the cricket. What's cricket if you can't do the mexican wave while you're watching it?

    Glad to see you're having fun. I'm as jealous as all hell! Wish I was there :D


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