Thursday, November 02, 2006

Farewell to Miss Charlotte

Miss Charlotte leaves London today, to go home to New Zealand for the Summer, after a stop for run in NYC. Charlotte and I, along with Laura, Beate, Heather, Emy and Debbie, started in the same group at HCML, and she and I have worked and played and travelled (and lived for a bit!) together for the last year and a month.

On Monday night, a group of us met for dim sum at New World in Chinatown, in honour of Miss Charlotte. Last night I met up with her, and her sister Sophie and Mike, for an English pub meal around Covent Garden. We finished off Charlotte's last night in London with one of her favourite things to do - crossing the Waterloo Bridge at night. (Bloody freezing, but the veiw of the city is awesome!)

The hardest thing about travelling around and meeting new people, is that we all go home, or move on, eventually. Whilst staying in touch in the age of email is all good, still... I am going to miss Miss Charlotte! But it does mean I have people to visit all over the world, anytime!

Good luck in the marathon, Miss Charlotte, and I hope to see you soon!

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