Tuesday, November 21, 2006

One Way Ticket to BrisVegas

My mini cab took me from Wimbledon to Heathrow in no time, and just as well, as I needed to sort out excess baggage issues. Looks like my big bag will get home before I will!

I am hanging out in the amazing Singapore Changi Airport at the moment, after an uneventful flight from London. Three movies, several beverages, and a finished book later, I arrived here for my six hour glimpse at Monday the 20th of November!

This airport is HUGE! An great place to be stuck in for any number of hours. I have just had a swim and a shower, a luxury considering I am mid long haul flight. The pool is on the rooftop, will planes taking off overhead, and storm clouds rolling in. Was quite surreal.

I am really looking forward to coming home, which I am surprised about. I feel very ready to be home, in Ballarat and Melbourne.

Back to real football, where people don't spit on the street, where you have your bags packed for you at the supermarket, and people don't stop dead after stepping off an escalator or lift or off the train, oblivious to anyone around them! It's the little things that matter, and the longer I have been away from home, the more I feel like I appreciate it!

First stop, though, is Brisbane for the First Test. Let the Summer Of Tash begin!

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  1. aw, miss you already Tash! It's funny all those things that you're not going to miss, I'm just starting to notice.

    I was saying to Andrew yesterday that our goodbyes weren't too sad as I'm used to conducting a long distance friendship with you. Saying goodbye is a regular occurence. I guess we're not meant to live in the same city. (Maybe sometime in the future when you move to Sydney, ay!)


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