Monday, February 12, 2007

Cricket Farse

I traveled down to Melbourne on the train on Friday, to get to the MCG for the first One Day International Final, between Australia and England.

The crowd was low, and just 10 minutes into the start of play, the first people from the bottom of the Southern Stand were evicted. The Fun Police were out in force! Two girls were escorted out for skulling a beer each, after the encouragement of the yobs around them - surely this is not an evictable offence! The mexican wave, although newly banned from the MCG, has never had so much participation, and has never been so easy to get going!

Brad come and joined me after work, and soon Ash did too, as we watched a fairly slow limited overs of cricket. I haven't been to a One Day match for years, although the prospect of no cricket for at least 10 months, and the fact that I had attended a whole 30 days of test cricket in 2006, I was a little worried about withdrawal! But the One Day game is just not the same.

I also haven't seen Australia lose for a long time, in fact, not since that dreaded day at The Oval. Friday night saw the emergence of ugly sore loser yobs spilling out of the MCG after the match. Much of a nothingness to me though, and a reminder that the real game in played in white, during the day, over five days!

I met up with Jessie and Heath after the game, and we headed back to his place for the night, and some Davis Cup action on TV. We three went over to Carlton North in the morning, and then met Jenny and Little Miss Ella for brunch in Fitzroy at Tin Pot, before I made it back on the train to the 'Rat.

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