Monday, February 26, 2007

Back to Real Footy

Yesterday evening, I joined Mum, Melissa and Clinton, and Jessie and Heath for Hawthorn's first match for the year, being Round One of the NAB Cup, against Melbourne. This has been my first real footy match for a year and a half - a long drought for me!

We arrived at the Telstra Dome on the tram, and found seats on the bottom level. Level One is a treat for pre-season matches for us, because during the main season, Hawthorn members never seem to have privledges for this level.

The pre-season is all about trying out new players for the team, and adjusting your concentration levels, depth perception and long range visual focus for the fans! Learning the names and numbers of new players is usually a task during these matches, and for me, with just 11 players recognisable from my last footy season at home, there are many new players to remember.

A see-sawing match in the twilight hours, the lead changed several times, with bursts by both teams. Skill errors and inexperience aplenty in the first offical hit out of the year, the Hawks pumped home in the end, by 24 points. A happy team at Hawthorn!

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