Saturday, February 17, 2007

This Close To Selling Fruit At Intersections!

One quote from one of my all time favorite movies resonates a little loud today. The search for work continues, and trolling through job sites and organisations that I want to work for, looking for a suitable job, can be very wearing.

While starting to have doubts about whether I will ever work again, and the old maybe-I-should-just-do-anything thoughts (however I did promise myself that I will not wipe arses again!! And I think that will stand as a metaphoric for all crappy jobs I could think of!), and the distinct lack of funds that the dole offers....

This morning, however, I was thrown a glimmer of hope, with a call about a job interview for next week. Phew!! Not all hope is lost! My resume is not totally rubbish, and I will not have to take just any old job. A sign at least, that it's all just a mater of process!

1 comment:

  1. Aragh! I'm hearing ya in FM sister. I've turned into a Desperate Housewife. Desperate to work though, not desperate to shag the boy who mows the lawns.


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