Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Kylie come down to Melbourne to find my place, and me working from home, yesterday afternoon, which kicked off our trek into town. We grabbed some dinner and beers along Bourke Street, as we watched the line at The Palace grow, and soon shuffle in.

Big Scary were up first, and thus we made our way into the cavernous venue, based on recommendations and musical similarities from Last.fm. Now last.fm is a bit of a music bible for me these days, but the idea they this band was similar to Hungry Kids was way off! OK, maybe one song sounded like our Brisbane band.

Big Scary were a guy who looked like John Mayer, and sounded like he was trying to channel Jeff Buckley at times, with a girl drummer. The sound was all over the place, and sadly not the find we had expected.

But then, to a growing male dominated crowd, UK's Editors arrived on stage. Being a fan of their middle released album, I was keen to hear their new stuff, for a taste and perhaps the push to purchase. The tracks from An End Has A Start, alas, were the standouts of the night, with the title track of this album really bringing this set to life as song 2. Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors was also a great track for the night. The new tracks brought an electro 80s pop feel, which given some other bands playing around with this feel, seems to be on it's way back.

The crowd were very into the 90 minute set, with hands aloft and clapping from ground and surrounding stairways. Tom Smith's voice was commanding throughout, and his theatrical movement on stage was fascinating, if a little disturbing!

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