Monday, January 04, 2010

Rain and Raining Wickets at the SCG

Getting into Sydney after two long flights, I was picked up from the airport by Belinda, and taken straight to the Olympic Hotel for a beer with the Waving The Flag. Here we exchanged stories about the last test, and world trips to be taking in this new year. Always a dangerous group to hang out with when the travel bug is biting!

I had contacted Jess and Andrew late in the day between flights, and they managed to come and join us for a beer crawl up Oxford Street, before we found a curry place - one of Bumble's Sydney test traditions. It was great to see the Wilson's, who have just returned home from their time in the UK, and working on setting up home again.

Belinda and I made our way in the morning yesterday to the SCG, for the start of play....and watched as the drizzle fall and the big covers stayed on the centre of the ground.

With nothing happening until 2pm, except for the Milo Cricket kids getting out and playing in the Lunch Break, Shane and I started our rounds of mid strength beer for the day farly early.

When the drizzle stopped enough to get a toss, and the start of play, we were all stunned as Aussie wicket after wicket tumbled. In fact, all 10! For just 127. Ouch!

Pakistan started their innings as light stopped play for the day, just after 6.30pm. Belinda, Justin and I made our way to the Coogee Bay Hotel. I had just enough time to buy Bumble a beer for her birthday, and have one myself, before rushing out to the airport for my flight home, and the end of my week off. Happy Birthday, Shelia!


  1. You have a new nickname in our house... bad juju Reid

  2. Wow...that was a real quick trip here! Nightmare of a day's play, eh?

  3. Hey Wilsons! Ricky and this rabble team were junk before I arrived in Sydney!!


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