Friday, January 15, 2010

The Temper Trap

After moving house in 40C heat (great idea!), I drove back to Melbourne and met up with Nicole, before we headed into the city for dinner. Sitting at Time Out, we both marvelled at the Melbourne skyline around us - Nicole loving that she was back after a trip home, and I was merely reminding myself that this is not home anymore. Oh!

We soon made our way across the road, after dinner, to the beautiful Forum. We got down to the floor as The Boxer Rebellion were playing. A UK version of the main act for the night, even seeming to attempt to sound like them at times, the lead made it known that they were friends of the band. They were good, but there was this feeling of anticipation for the headliners, and thus much of the effort was lost of the filling crowd.

With awesome lighting for the set, The Temper Trap arrived on stage, to the adoration of the hometown crowd. Dougy engaged the crowd, and whilst that signature voice took a line or two to launch, he enchanted the crowd with that falsetto. Angelic really, and to the Forum stage, it was dreamy! He had the mixed crowd mesmerised, even with the album tracks.

A band Nicole and I had seen around this time last year, their potential has been fulfilled in the last 12 months, with being a raging success across the planet. A bit surprised that they had just the one new track to play for the night, the band played pretty much the entire album Conditions.

Love Lost made the set come alive for me, with Fader and Sweet Disposition getting the most crowd joy. Down River deserves a mention too, just awesome.

Encore consisted of a cover of Dancing In The Dark by The Boss, the new track called Rabbit Hole, and ending the seemingly too short gig with Science of Fear. Such an exciting home grown band!

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