Monday, March 14, 2011

Camperdown Clock Tower

On Wednesday I felt like I drove all day, for work. Through small back country roads, albeit quite lost and disorientated on the way down, and then through belting, vision-stealing rain, making the road treacherous with then bucket loads of water on the road to avoid sliding off on the way back. All too much really.

But on the way to Warrnambool, I really love this sight, the Clock Tower in Camperdown.

It always lets me think, just for a minute, that I could be anywhere else - anywhere in Europe, with it's little turrets and style. Could be in Czech, or Belgium....anywhere but on a long work roadtrip for a full-on case, or 2.

The scaffolding this week just confirms the feel, really! I mean, where in Europe don't you see scaffolding?!!

Anyway, the Tower is such a treat on this long drive. It pops up, in the middle of the main street, of this seemingly little town with it's vast, sparse main drag. It always makes me wonder what on earth it's doing there. Who's idea was it to construct something so grand in the middle of nowhere?

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