Sunday, March 06, 2011

A Day At The Polo

To celebrate Jessie's birthday this year, she invited everyone to spend a day at the polo. An event at Werribee Park, Kym and I arrived by walking through the Mansion complex, taking in the gardens and gorgeous building. Finding the group pitch side, we joined the picnic.

Sitting out in the sun, hanging out with the big group, and checking out the polo players and horses every so often, this was a great day out!

We got to laugh at many of the expected cliques, with boys with jumper arms tied over their shoulders, a major chino-fest, polo shirts and more Ralph Lauren than you thought possible outside of a store. Hilarious. Rich kids!

The boys seemed to be taking great notice of several of the star/frequently mentioned players wielding their sticks as they chase down a ball one could barely see from the sidelines, whilst on horseback. The highlight for the girls was really the chance to get out on the pitch and replace the divots, Pretty Woman style.

As the last of the games ended, we packed up our picnic, and grabbed a taxi back to the station, and the train into Richmond.

Finding somewhere to eat along Swan Street, we then walked to the back streets and found The Cherry Tree for more drinks.

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