Thursday, March 03, 2011

Hawks Practice and Acey's Surprise

Saturday I popped down to Geelong for the practice match between Hawthorn and North Melbourne, and some much overdue sunshine! Now Skilled Stadium has had a stand redevelopment, and an addition, and is not as crusty as it used to be. Quite impressive, actually, for a country ground.

When I got there, we were already 4 goals up, just a couple of minutes into play. And that scoreline didn't change much for the 4 quarters. Some good signs across the board for the Hawks, with strong marking, some improvement on goal kicking accuracy, and pace through the centre with a bunch of young new players pushing up to make their names at the club.

After a bit of shopping, I popped into our office down there to finish off a handful of things I worked on during the week in my jetlagged fog, and then changed for the evening.

Now, the other reason that cemented this trip to G-town was a text I received in the middle of the week from Kibbo, saying he was going to have a surprise party for Stacey for her birthday, at their house on Saturday night. Bless him!

Stacey was told she was going out for dinner, and whilst she was getting ready, people just started arriving at the house, and the party started. A great plan, which was much loved by the recipient.

The house filled, the beer and champagne flowed, and it turned into a large and late night. Staying the night at the Kibbo mansion, Stacey and Kibbo, Kerry and Cain, and I then went out to a recovery brunch at Sip the next morning, before all heading off on our seperate ways.

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