Sunday, July 15, 2012

Constructing MIFF in Toronto

People in Melbourne are currently planning out their Melbourne International Film Festival sessions, with tickets going on sale yesterday. This is one of my favourite things about Melbourne during the Winter, and gives me a momentary pang of homesickness that I will miss it this year. I will also be heading home before the Toronto Film Festival is on, so I will miss that one too!

I saw Marley, thinking that it would be included in the Festival as it had been one of the docos for the Sydney Film Festival. It's not part of the MIFF list after all, but it is an amazing documentary worth seeing. Working through the life, beginnings and the rise of the music of Bob Marley, in addition to the story of his life and loves, his finding of religion and his activism, it features very frank interviews of those close to him, and spine-tingling footage of his liver performances. Such a treat to see these!

The tragedy of a man in his prime, struck down with a cancer that was essentially untreated....the pain in his daughter's interview here is heartbreaking. A toe! Ignored! So, so sad!

This photo of Toronto street art was taken at the bus station at Bathurst Station.

Beasts of the Southern Wild is on the festival schedule, and I happened to see it with Tanya as a preview screening here in Toronto. This is a stunningly shot film about Hushpuppy and her relationship with her father and their home. The story is narrated by the amazing Quvenzhané Wallis's Hushpuppy, and the view is through her eyes - hand-held camera at times, and all.

Cute and quirky, magical, sad and heartbreaking all at once, this is a film that stays with you long after the credits finish rolling.

Safety Not Guaranteed is also part of MIFF, which is pretty exciting cos I have been recommending it to everyone since seeing a preview screening. I have one other MIFF listed film lined up for next month here in Toronto, which I am also looking forward to. But I will have to keep my eye out for any other releases from my would-be MIFF list!

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