Friday, July 27, 2012

Pockets of Toronto

Following on from our quest to get to as many of the different Toronto neighbourhoods and tastes as possible whilst I am here, I have found a handful of gems in the last month.

We made the trek out to the Danforth, or Greek Town as it's also known, where Kylie and Natalie and I had pints for a catch up, before grabbing a table at Mezes Restaurant for a feast. Having cheese brought to the table, and having the waiter splash brandy on it and set it on fire was almost as impressive as it tasted! The dips were to die for.

Coming out onto the street from our delicious meal, we stumbled upon a "candy" store, which delivered loads of fun and gadgets - and points of marvel for the Aussie girls. Despite our full bellies, there is always room for ice cream on a night light this, and we found Docle Gelato. The watermelon sorbet was the hero of my selection!

That same weekend I took a streetcar and bus up north to meet Arielle, and she took me to her local ice creamery. Dutch Dreams is the type of local legend where people line up down the street to get their chance at the front of the line, and make their cone choice. The waffle cones, made onsite, are coated with treats, making them too good to pass up!

The interior of the family run business is decorated with trinkets from Holland, giving the experience of eating in a very European feel. Again, the sorbet choices were sensational.

Kylie and I met up along Queen Street West the following Friday night, and put our names on the list for Kao San Road. Always a good sign when the restaurant is full early on a busy night, and that the line moves fast. This Thai delight was one I sampled as part of 1000 Taste of Toronto, and having the full menu selection this time was mouth watering.

The meals were fresh and delicious, as was the atmosphere within this busy canteen style eatery.

Then, the following Tuesday was Natalie's birthday, and I encouraged an outing to her favourite bar in Toronto. She nominated Three Speed along Dufferin, on a very very hot evening. We managed to survive the dash from the subway into this cute little front room, and settled in with refreshing cider and wine, and impressive meals from this tiny kitchen. The vibe in this space was very chill and casual, perfect for a week night out.

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