Sunday, July 08, 2012

Magical Montreal By Night

Whilst I was not quite as taken with Montreal by day as I expected to be, at night it turned into a whole new amazing and enchanting place! The buildings of Old Montreal are lit up, and are so gorgeous!

The lighting effects are used so well to highlight the strong features of many of the buildings in this area of the city, and it transforms it into such an old world feel. The lights are soft, and toned to the individual structures, bringing them to life, in a whole different and magical way with the dark sky as the backdrop.

This section of pretty buildings is in Jacques Cartier cute!

The move to light up the buildings around the city is a permanent fixture to enhance the beauty of the architecture...and it is pretty special!

The highlight of the night lights on the buildings was actually out at St Joesph's Oratory, but alas I missed capturing it at it's best with my camera. I was pretty blown away by the sight of it from the kitchen windows of the apartment I stayed in, and recommend attempting to see it at night (before it lowers most of it's lights late) because it was so amazing!

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