Thursday, October 18, 2012

Deep Heat in Ballarat

Alexander Gow arrived on stage with gold jacket on to deliver the most edgy set I have even seen of Oh Mercy.  This album has a different feel, and he seemed more relaxed and experimental on stage at Karova Lounge in Ballarat on the weekend.

Opening with the title track Deep Heat, at the end the song AG finished by turning his back to us, to show the words DEEP HEAT embroidered on the back! Ha!  Much more showy that I have ever seen him!

The show included big tracks from this third album, like My Man and Europa, before they started to mingle their back catalogue into the mix, albeit reworked to blend in with their new sound.

This included Keith Street, old favourite Broken Ears, and Stay Please Stay.

Drums was the liveliest of their new material among the crowd and on stage, with both support acts for the night, being Split Seconds and Millions, joining the band up on stage for it.

Stating that they would continue on and complete their encore without going off and coming back on again, AG and the band finished the night with State Trooper cover of Bruce Springsteen.

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