Thursday, October 04, 2012

Grand Final Entertainment

After the debacle of last year's entertainment, the AFL promoted a completely new format this year Grand Final, and returned to showcasing local Australian musical acts on the biggest day of the year

Tim Rogers and his band were the first musical act of the day, and his set of three songs started just half hour after we had taken our places in our standing bay.

Being behind the band, however, and under the stand at the back of the Bay, we had no clear sound of the tunes being played.

I was at the bar when the next act played his first two songs - To Her Door and How To Make Gravy.  Whilst in the line getting my shout though, I could lip read and figure out what Paul Kelly, and backing vocals Vika and Linda Bull, were singing first up.  But again, given our position in standing room the sound was amiss.

The two teams of the day ran out onto the ground, and then Paul Kelly did the song that I was most looking forward to - Leaps And Bounds.  With the opening chords, the direction of the acoustics no longer mattered as much of the crowd sang along to this iconic Melbourne football song.

The day rushes by all so fast, and before we really knew it, it was half time.  The stage was rolled out into the middle of the MCG and Melbourne's own The Temper Trap endured the rain to give us three songs.

Trembling Hands from their new self titled album was first, and sounded amazing.  No issues for us with the sound once it was coming from the ground, but also with the benefit of all the speakers just above our heads.

The Drum Song, with additional marching drumming band around the stage to add to the energy and effect, was next followed by their biggest song Sweet Disposition, where a large portion of the 99,683 people at the ground sang along with them.

After the match was won and lost, and the victory lap was complete, the crowd gathered to one side of the MCG for the Premiership Party.  The gates had been thrown open for full access to anyone, and contrary to rumours during the day, the bars on the bottom level were still serving.

The Temper Trap returned to the 'G, as darkness descended over the ground, and played a much fuller set.  A mixture of the new album, and the massive debut release Need Your Love and Science Of Fear were stand outs for me as I drowned my sorrows at the day's result.  The young Aussie act performed a rocking set to the elated crowd, and were a perfect choice to get the crowd back up to the fever pitch of the significant day in our sporting calender.

Next, Paul Kelly and his band returned to the stage for another, longer set, also.  One of the greatest songwriters our land has, he gave us classics like Love Never Runs On Time and Deeper Water.

This complete package of entertainment throughout the day added to the big event feel of the Grand Final, and showcased some of the wealth of musical talent we have in Australia on the biggest of stages.  Well done, AFL, you served us the perfect kangaroo steak after the meatloaf last year!

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