Thursday, September 05, 2013


Having heard so many good things about the modern Thai street food restaurant along South Wharf Promenade, Carly, Camille and I finally checked out Bangpop. The food was fresh, spicy and delicious, and whilst more at Melbourne prices than the streets of Bangkok, the feel of the place was so very vibrant.

I managed to treat myself to a Beer Lao whilst I was waiting for the girls. The room of simple settings, for fast service, is easily spotted from outside by it's row of brightly coloured bicycles.

Ordering several plates to share, we first had the Barramundi and Red Curry Paste Cakes - Tod Mun Pla. Yummy morsels to wake the taste buds!

Next we split the Pad Ka Prow Nua - that's Stir Fried Beef Mince with basil, garlic and chilli, with a poached egg. This had kick! Tingles! So good!

We added the broth based Orange Curry, with pumpkin, wood-ear mushrooms, and basil - Geang Som Pak. Spooned into our rice, this also gave us a spicy hit, the fiery dish of our menu picks.

Lastly, it was hard not to pass up the Pad Thai. The test of every Thai restaurant, surely! So fresh, and plentiful!

The service was good, and the feel was energetic, with a buzz. They also list a pretty amazing lunch deal, if you are down that way at the right time.

So lovely! I have already plotted a return visit!


  1. What about the Lego wall?!
    I want to go again soon - so close to work. Might stop by there this afternoon :) thanks for the mention.
    It was a good night and apologies again for keeping you waiting!
    I also liked how they had the 'do it yourself Thai taste" pots at the end of the table - sweet. Salty, sour and spicy.

    1. Oh yes - the Legos!
      I am very much looking forward to getting back there too!

  2. There's no other place in Melbourne that compares to the authentic spicy flavours that they do here. I need to get a hit about once a week. Must lock in a date to head back!!


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