Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Charlotte and Ollie's Wedding

A month ago I got to be present at a very special day, when Miss Charlotte become a Mrs! I travelled across to Christchurch for the weekend, and enjoyed the most lovely of Winter weddings.

Out drinking with the groom and his side of the guests the night before, I was impressed that Ollie took himself off home, and to bed, at a very decent time. Good lad!

The ceremony in the afternoon was at St Andrew's at Rangi Ruru, which is where Charlotte and her sisters went to school. Attended by her three sisters, Charlotte was stunning!

A moment in the ceremony where the pastor made a mess of his lines, and Charlotte's good grace and humour had everyone laughing, made for a memorable service.

As many of the fur-clad guests streamed out of the chapel, we made our way further into the school campus to Te Koraha House, which was the boarding quarters in several of Charlotte's school friends' day.

First drinks were served in the front room, with champagne and then mulled wine. Mingling and meeting people, before the gathered guests were invited into the dining room to be seated. I was placed right next to two of the girls who reminisced about the Great Wasabi London Birthday of Charlotte's, all those years ago! Ha!

Once the bride and groom had been announced, and had taken their seats, half of the speeches began, starting from the witty MC, and then Bridesmaid and Best Man, and Father of the Groom.

In line with the winter wedding, first up to the table for us was soup, being green pea and delicious. Even for a pea-hater like me!

More speeches followed including from the Father of the Bride, which was a highlight. Daddy B is such a great man, and father, and is so proud of his daughter, and that really shone through. The Groom was in there too, but of course, the Bride stole the show with her killer speech. She was funny, and heartfelt, and vivacious – all the things we love about her.

I remember participating in a beer boat race around this time, which just proved that I cannot scull a bottle of beer. Clearly seated with my kind of people! The pinot noir was delicious, though!

Dinner was then served, with a choice of sea or land Winter Pies. Pulling in the hunting theme from the Groom’s hobbies, the invite had suggested that Ollie would be out hunting and catching guests orders for the day! Ha!

One of the long tables was cleared and the band started, and the night kicked off. Charlotte and Ollie had told me that they were not going to do a bridal dance, mainly because they usually get carried away on a dancefloor, and end up falling over together, with their dream of pulling off some Dirty Dancing style lift - however, when they did happen to meet on the dancefloor at the right time, the two of them danced to I Wanna Dance With Somebody, which seemed totally fitting. And they totally pulled off the romantic and flamboyant dip!

The band was great, and held everyone on the floor, dancing and laughing and having a great time. Punctuated by visits down to the hall to the dessert buffet!

There was one particularly lovely moment I spotted, when Charlotte and her three sisters all danced with their Dad on the  dancefloor. So lovely. Her Dad is a groover, and they were having such a great time!

A lovely night, and special day, I am so overjoyed to be part of Mrs Charlotte's big, beautiful day!

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