Monday, March 12, 2007

Whitlams at The Corner, and Jessie is 24

Another weekend down in Melbourne this weekend, via the train. I have become a V-Line commuter! I went down on Saturday afternoon, and then trammed over to Jessie's to join her for an arvo drinking session in honour of her birthday this weekend.

Taking a table in the beer garden at The Standard in Fitzroy, we were joined by a group of Jessie's friends for jugs of beer to mark her 24th! She's getting old! Certainly displayed by her glorious hangover the next day!!

At 7pm, I left the group as they were eating (cheating!) to meet Nicole in the city. I haven't seen Nicole since my stopover in San Fran about 18 months ago, and since then she has settled in Melbourne. We trammed across to Richmond, and caught up over a mexican dinner.

After dinner, we entered The Corner, to see The Whitlams. Coming on at 10.30pm after two support acts, the band played to such a diverse crowd - from all ranges of the age spectum!

Opening with I Will Not Go Quietly, and then introducing Year Of The Rat by saying there is hope that this year will be the year of a man named Kevin. Gough and White Horses kept the politic element in check. Charlie 3 and 2, and on request were Made Me Hard and Met My Match. Lots of old favourites, such as Hamburgers, Aphrodisiac, Louis Burdett (of course, Jess!), the list could go on! Tim also made reference to She's Moving In, as the new phase in his world - interesting! He has grown through these songs over the years, and Saturday night was probably the first time I have noticed the years on the lad - like a good red, though, getting better with age!

I Was Alive was probably my favourite of the new tracks played live - full of live and passion! Melbourne was the final song,after requests from the crowd - I wonder what finishes the show in other towns? Tim says they will be back in six months, how exciting!

Discovering that the girls had called it a night, I headed back to Jessie's to crash. Woke to a yummy breakfast by Heath on Jessie's birthday, with several sore heads around the house! It was nice to be a spectator of spectacular hangovers for once!

Mum come down in the afternoon yesterday, and we all went out for dinner for Jessie's birthday, at The Brandon, before Mum and I headed home to the 'Rat.

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