Saturday, February 21, 2009

Penny Blue, MOO and Trunk

Last night we left work almost smack on time, with no beer left in the fridge! Mary and Dan, Jo and I walked down Little Bourke and found Penny Blue, for week seven of Project 2009. A small bar, with funky couches and seating arrangements, we studied the range of local and imported beer.

Choosing a New Zealand beer I'd never seen before, we discovered Moa is beer with a bubblegum finish! Soon joined by Melissa, and Yusif and Rob, we downed a few of these before heading downstairs.

Greeted by the spooky self-operating door, we entered a near empty Money Order Office, and had our choice of chesterfield couch sections. Having only been here once before, when it was packed and finding a tiny spot around near the bar, the space and decor in here is very cellar like and classy.

Another beer, and a stop for food, we walked down the Melbourne city grid to find Truck to meet up with Sarah for her birthday drinks. Joining Tara outside, the bar has the best of both worlds with inside and out. And cute boys inside! Certainly worth a return visit!!

1 comment:

  1. Beer with a bubblegum finish? Really? What's it like? Surely it tastes gross...


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