Monday, February 09, 2009

St Kilda Festival

Yesterday morning I grabbed breakfast at the super slow Birdie Num Nums, before grabbing the tram through town to St Kilda. I met Nicole at the Main Beach Stage for the St Kilda Festival, just as Kate Miller-Heidke finished a last energetic song.

Nicole grabbed lunch before we found a spot to see Dan Sultan at the same stage, as the sun peaked out of dark clouds above. Melbourne had gone from oppressive heat one day, to storm clouds and chilly rain the next....

We wandered around the entertainment and market stalls between sets, before we watched an amusing The Galvatrons channel Van Halen's Jump in almost every track.

These bands finished just in time for us to make it down Acland Street to the New Music Stage, for The Good China. As the eight members set up on stage, little China buttons were passed out in the crowd, which grew within the small stage setting cutting off Belford St. A set up that certainly put Laneway last weekend to shame!

The band were introduced, and then got stuck into their happy, heartwarming, boppy tracks. The eight of them on rotation, they are so much fun! If seeing them live doesn't put a smile on your face, you need to check for a pulse!

The vocals across the board are so great, with Mit a stand out. Ryan and Mit leading their cover of Jens Lekman's Maple Leaves, with an interlude of Barry White's Can't Get Enough Of You Love Babe - love it! A band of girls and guys where Cara can jump on the drums for a song or two, after time on the keyboard the recorder, is pretty cool.

The Couch Song, and then 39 Black, which was awesome. Finishing with All Nothing, again with clapping cued by Mit for the crowd that knew it was coming up, they have surely made even more fans after this set.

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