Sunday, February 15, 2009

Retreat and China

Yesterdays plans were swallowed up with the devastating fires in Victoria - Grape Grazing in the Yarra Valley was cancelled, due to damage and out of respect, with many of the wineries wiped out, along with towns, homes and the horrific death toll.

With a smokey Melbourne, sunny day, I headed to Retreat for beers with Dan. One of my favourite pubs, we first drank in the front room, before claiming a spot on the astro turf and see jugs of beer disappear.

As 9pm approached, Dan and I decided we could make the dash up the road to the Edinburgh Castle, to catch The Good China set. A couple more blocks than I had estimated, we arrived a song or two into the set.

Minus Cara for the gig, the 7 China's were crammed onto the little stage. The sound and energy took a couple of songs to kick in, with a mixed crowd. But once All Nothing was played, the band seemed to hit their straps.

A couple of news tracks here and there, I think, being several I had not heard before (or was that the beer talking!), their cover of Maples Leaves, again, was awesome, and 39 Black was strong.

Looking like a crusty old man's pub on the outside, the front room of the Castle is your typical local pub...but then there is a myraid of space out the back, with dining room and an extended beer garden, including a ping pong table. Quite an unexpected find.

We stayed on for a bit of The Holy Sea, but the need for a feed overtook us. Home via the tram, after another pub find in my local area, all good.

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