Monday, February 23, 2009

Spring Tropfest

Yesterday, after waking up unusually early to watch the footy replay, I eventually made it into town and to the Sidney Myer Music Bowl for this year's Tropfest. Handed a cardboard seat (brilliant!) as I walked in, I joined Melissa and Dianna, and crew, along with the growing crowd to prepare for the night of short films.

Dianna put on a massive spread for the group, with potato salad to die for, whilst the Tropscore acts played. But as the sun set, the screening began, with the finalists shown. This years signature item was 'spring' which presented literally, seasonally, and some we didn't actually spot at all....but they must have been there!

Many of this years films had the crowd laughing out loud, with The Furry Cheque Book and Bargin! being my favourites. Creative use of a barter system, and then a cheeky perve...hee hee.

Plain silly funny were Notes From A Scaresmith, Jackie's Spring Palace. And then there was Gyton Grantley playing himself being mistaken in Being Carl Williams - second place of the competition.

Films with a punch at the end included Fences, which eventually came third for the night, NYE, The News, and Gyton Grantley again in Beyond Words.

The winner of this year was Be My Brother, portraying a lad with Downs Syndrome charming a woman at a bus stop. We were entertained by Tim Finn during intermission, topping another great night of cutting edge film makers trying to get a foot in the industry.

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