Thursday, June 18, 2009

Asia Qualifier in Melbourne

Last night I used tickets that I barely remember buying, back sometime last year, when Stevie talked about getting them. Finishing work off with a beer, he and I made our way down to Flinders Street and pre-match beers at Phoenix Bar. Here we met Rob for a last beer, before we walked down to the MCG.

As part of the qualifiers for the Asia grouping for the World Cup next year, both teams had secured their spots in the next segment of play-off to the big tournament, so this match was a 'friendly', playing for the pride of being top of the table. Reaching the steps to our seats on Level 4 just as the two anthems played, we found our spots just in time for kick off.

The first half reminded me just how very boring soccer is....and why I rarely pay attention to it! Nothing much happened, ball went from one end to another, a few near miss goals...oh, and a Japan goal.

I went down to join the ridiculous bar line at halftime, and as the game got started, I persevered knowing not much happens, and given it was my shout! And I was thirsty!! Hee hee! Of course, Australia scored during this time, making that beer a triple round really!

Back to my seat, I saw the third goal of the night, the second for Australia, and Aussie Tim Cahil. The team did go bananas, as did the crowd, which certainly pulled in some excitement for the night. All over very quickly though, and the game ticked over to time.

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