Sunday, June 14, 2009

In The Nude For Love

Yesterday, Nikki and I hit the highway and drove down to Geelong to visit Stacey. She has moved down there, and her and Nude Dude...ahhh, I mean, Kibbo, have set up house down there. It was so great to catch up with her!

After checking out their place, Nikki and Stacey and I headed out to The Cottage for lunch. This cute little place is a cottage, literally, which has converted all the front rooms into the main restaurant. The food was great, Nikki having the pasta with lamb ragu, and I had the pumpkin and chickpea curry. Mmmmm. Stacey chose her panini, and suffered menu envy....silly!

Back in Melbourne, I trammed into town to meet Nicole at the Toff, ready for the sold out 'In The Nude For Love' EP launch for Oh Mercy.

First up was Hoshi In The Clouds, who were very engaging with their indie pop sound. Just as well, cos this is a band we are due to see at least twice more in the next 6 weeks!

After watching a girl in a midriff top chat to the lads from Oh Mercy during the first act, she then appeared on stage as Jessica Says. On keys, Jessica was accompanied by her brother on violin, plus a cello and drums, these tracks were a dreamy pop collection, with an unusual voice. Enchanting....

The room had filled for the main act, and a hush decended as the room grew dark, and Alex and Thom opened on their own, after an extended Kookaburra Laugh from the EP. They were joined for the second track by Eliza and Rohan, and their starry backdrop. All dressed up for the show, the band were set to impress.

In My Stride, with the explaination of the older woman and younger man, and a reworked Needs A Woman, minus the piano to play on stage, were off the launching EP. They played older favorites like Holding On, and my favourite Salvation Jane, both Eliza and Thom had stepped up on the backing vocals last night, more than we had seen before. The word plays of Lay Everything On Me, and Seemed Like A Good Idea, along with some new tracks from their forthcoming album, this was their best show yet!

At the end of the set, Nicole and I looked at each other like proud parents, having seen this little band evolve over the last year, to this - a band playing so well, amazing live, and ready to hit it big with their album in August. So, so exciting!

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  1. Sounds like a good show, nice review!


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