Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Workshop

Nursing a mother of a hangover after a massive, but very fun night the night before, I somehow got through the working day, til Mary and I made the trip down from the Ballarat office to the Melbourne office, just in time for a recovery beer for Friday night drinks!

Feeling a whole lot better after a beer in the office, Dan, MJ and I walked down to our Project 2009 destination for the night, The Workshop. Meeting Belinda and Bumble there, my guests for the weekend, we started what promised to be a very large weekend.

Joining them in the central space of the bar, I did a lap of the bar when buying drinks, and spotted Jenny and Mary, also there for the Project. Filled with little booths and spaces for drinks and groups, my focus was really on catching up with the Sydney girls, and working through my fading hangover.

Battling the stairs back down to street level with overnight bags, and a few beers under our respective belts, on our way out, we called it a night in preparation for a big Saturday ahead.

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