Monday, June 08, 2009

Hawthorn v Sydney

Feeling amazingly sprightly considering our day of mayhem before, Belinda, Bumble and I managed to get on the tram to the MCG, for the match that initiated this crazy weekend - Hawthorn verses the Sydney Swans. Wading through the rain and mud in the carpark to get to the gate, we soon made our way upstairs, to find our seats with Flash.

Watching the game from upstairs is always a novelty for me, and our hungover states took in the even first half. Banksy and Little Banksy joined the group, as we finally talked about and got food at halftime.

A close and becoming stressful game, given the pain this clash usually gives me on a Barry Hall had a brain snap, and gave away an unprecedented 150 metre penalty...and the Hawks ran away with the win.

Back to the pub after the match, we settled into a few pints at an outside table at Transport....freezing our bits off! Moving inside, many more beers were undertaken. Quite the bender, this weekend!

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