Sunday, November 29, 2009

Let You Down Easy

Last night Nicole and I braved the bucketing down rain, and made our way to the East Brunswick Club, and were one of the first 50 people to gain entry (possibly in the first 5, truth be known!), and thus scored ourselves a free copy of the single to be launched this evening.

We made our way in, grabbed a beer, and claimed a piece of standing room on the sticky carpet, for the first band up on the bill, Alpine. Formally Swiss, apparently. Two girls at the front, all glitter and dance, and dressed for a big gig in front of a growing audience. The 4 boys around them on drums and guitar, were in skinny jeans and the first t-shirt they happened upon as they left the house. This little, fresh indie pop band has potential. The girls chatted and danced and engaged the audience, and displayed some vocal quirkiness to be remembered.

Next up were the Beatles-styled haircuts of Geelong lads, Frowning Clouds. Another engaging band, with cute vocals, and talented musicians.

The bandroom emptied, and then filled again, as the Hungry Kids Of Hungary set up the stage, complete with huge coloured helium balloons, to match the cover of their new single, Let You Down. They played a collection of their tracks from their EPs, and some new songs to be laid down for an album in the next few months, they tell us. Releasing the balloons to the crowd and inviting people up on stage for a song soon got out of control Scattered Diamonds, Old Money, and Set It Right got massive crowd participation, clearly the result of some Triple J plays, and praised the Melbourne weather!

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