Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Wished For Song

This afternoon I drove across town to South Melbourne, to find Raw Gallery. Faster Louder had had an article at the start of the month about an exhibit that this little gallery is hosting, with opening night being last night.

The photographic exhibit is that of Merri Cyr's shots of Jeff Buckley. Merri shot the iconic cover of Grace, the back cover, and also that cover with the mirror image for Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk.

This little gallery is a shopfront really, with a front room, and a little alcove, for their exhibits. They run feature exhibits every other month, with their regular collection on display

Flipping through the book, placed on the table as you walk in, titled the same as the exhibit, I happened upon a quote from Eddie Vedder, stating his wonder at Jeff doing a cover of Pearl Jam's Indifference.

Some 35 images of Jeff adorn the white walls, many of which are part of album cover photo shoots, and several of of Jeff during this time, just in repose, hanging out, so real. This young, fresh, captivating face with such talent, gone too soon. It's clear that he was very comfortable with his photographer, and legend has it that he launched her music photography career, by insisting she be the artist to do the cover of Grace.

The Sin-E shot, which featured on his live EP, shows the venue where Jeff launched his career really - a small room with him in the corner, and the few patrons barely paying him any attention.

The collection is on display at Raw, until Xmas eve.

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