Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Top 5: Gigs (To Date)

I am totally addicted to gigs at the moment, and have a ton lined up for the rest of the month this month. Love seeing a band live, in a small setting usually, where the band/artist engages with the punters. But then, some of my favourite gigs thus far have been the big stadium experiences....

My most amazing gig is still, and may be for a very long time, seeing Crowded House at The Corner Hotel. A massive band in name, stature and success, they played to a packed Corner, to the Crowdie faithful. And Nicole and I were very close to the front of the stage. Will be very hard to top!

I had always wanted to see the man, George Michael, live, and I managed to do this, in Sweden, before I came home. George in Sweden! Camilla and I were about 10 back from the stage, and he was just a sensation! Such groove for a man of his age, and considering the shape you'd expect him to be in! Was really cool to be the precipitate of Cam getting out around that time too, she was so excited to be heading out, away from mother duties for a night.

The secret gig, second show on sale but first actual night of Gotye at The Prince, would be next. Wally was disarmingly good! The talent of this man, and what he can do with sounds in his bedroom with a computer and an array of soundbites..... This was also the night I was introduced to The Basics....need I say more!

The experience of Sound Relief still resonates as a sensational musical experience. Hard to go past, with all those Aussie greats, current bands, and the big name international acts coming together for such an emotional time for all Victorians.

And, amazingly and rather embarrassingly now, Robbie Williams would still rank. Katie and I went to see him at what is now Etihad Stadium, back when he wasn't quite the tool he is now. He was awesome, so much energy. Actually a Google search tells me that it was at Rod Laver, and was in 2001! That's how long ago it was!

Special mentions to this list go to Sarah Blasko last month, the Whitlams with the MSO in our Grand Final week, and Jamie Cullum at the Royal Albert Hall for the venue experience...


  1. Are you sure it wasn't at Docklands. I remember it quite well as a colleague was standing next to this bloke:

    ps Decemberists will make the top 5 for you if they were half as good as they were last night!

  2. Ahh no, it was definately the tour before that gig. The more I think about it, the more I see the Rod Laver seats in my memory.

    Maybe U2 in New York/New Jersey one month after 9/11 should have ranked.....
    Actually, this is a too hard post. I would delete it, if it wasn't for NaBloPoMo....too much antagonising over it!

    Was it the Hazards show, from start to finish????

  3. I saw them again on the weekend in Holland. It was the last time they were doing it - also very, very good!


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