Saturday, January 29, 2011

Boxing Day Melbourne: Ashes

Going down to Melbourne Xmas night, picking up Harris along the way, I was joined by Melissa and Greg to get into the MCG the next day, for the highly anticipated Boxing Day Ashes test.

We joined Belinda, painted Harris, Jess and a bunch of others in our row in M1, shivering in the Melbourne cold. The cricket didn't do much to warm us up, with Australia batting, and finding ways to get out all too easily. A long rain delay over lunch was the only break from this English domination.

The Flag group then made our way across the CBD, to the Royal Standard Hotel, which Transport has recently taken ownership of. A great catch up with everyone at the home test, this session led to a lock in at the pub.

The night of Day 2 for this test has become a bit of a tradition, with the pink Sheilas heading to Richmond. First a few pints at the Post Office, before landing at Mexicali Rose, for much anticipated jugs of sangria and little bites of mexican food. A big group, they tucked us away into a room of our own, but I think we got very loud as the jug frequency continued - to the point where we were advise they had 'run out'. The Swan was the next stop, for some classic tunes by the DJ here, who must have thought it was Xmas again, finding a group who would sing and dance to his choices which included The Horses.

I left the group, and taxi-ed out to The Espy, to meet up with Mary and Sandra, for The Basics free (final) gig. Grabbing a spot up the front, I was perhaps a little under the influence, and gave Tim more encouragement throughout the set than I would usually! I had such a great night, and loved the set. It did seem that Wally was holding back a little, vocally, but Tim more than made up for it for mine. Ending the set with an awesome rendition of their cover of The Police's Roxanne, we got the chance to chat to Wally after the gig.

A fragile Day 3 for most of us after our large night, more so for some than others, the cricket continued to be painful for the Aussies - and a joy for Pommy Greg. England piled on the runs, and then took 6 wickets, to end the hopes of the Aussies and the Ashes.

Just the 3 days this year for me, given my over-usage of leave for the calander year, working through the session of Day 4 until England put the Aussie out of our misery, was less than productive!

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  1. ugh. I almost don't want to relive this Ashes by reading your blog :(


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