Sunday, January 30, 2011

Visiting Sydney

Arriving in Sydney and meeting Melissa, Greg and Nick at the Opera Bar with it's breathtaking view across the Harbour on New Year's Eve Eve, had all the anticipation of the days ahead. Of course, the cricket was the plan first, and then Melissa came to us with the NYE idea. And then the Wilson's helped us out with accommodation, and my couple of days in Syders was sorted.

Drinks in the barmy air, with the House and the Bridge either side, Belinda and Ross came and found us too, for a drink. Was such a beautiful evening!

Melissa and I ventured into town the next day, after Brunch at the Wilson's recommended local, and managed to see the people lining up for hours to grab a spot for the fireworks. We were headed, though, to the Art Gallery of NSW, and the visiting Terracotta Warriors.

Having missed them by 3 minutes earlier in the year, the display in Sydney is of 8 Warriors, one of each of the distinct and enchanting soliders. A full chariot, and several other horses, along with rooms of other artifacts - this exhibit and the main room gives you a notion of what it would be like to see in X'ian....ahhhh, another time...

New Year's Day the 4 of us headed to Manly, across on the ferry, and stayed on the beach and then the pub for the day. Perfect way to nurse a NYE hangover. The next day I went down to Coogee, and caught up with Belinda and Jess at the end of their roadtrip, and the Spry's, for dinner and drinks.

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