Sunday, January 09, 2011


Arriving at Beijing airport the next morning like contestants on The Amazing Race, we needed to figure out the best option to get to Shanghai, so that I could still make my flight home in a couple of days. Checking both terminals, and eventually settling on a flight direct to Shanghai, we made our way to meet Dom a little earlier than originally planned.

Greeted by Dom, with little Sabi baby, was so exciting, having not seen her since her wedding. Meeting the new addition to her family, possibly the cutest baby ever, and then getting a picture of her world here in China, was very special. It was also such a treat to stay with her, in her lovely home, after our big trip, and Belinda, Jess and I were delighted.

Dom took us out to one of her favourite spots for lunch, and then we wondered through the laneways of cute little shops, catching up. Popping back to the house, and picking up little lady Jazzy on the way, we then prepared to go out for the evening. Dom took us out for Teppanyaki, before we wondered along the Bund taking in the lights and sights of Shanghai.

The next day, the very last day of my big trip, the 4 of us went in to visit the Yuyuan Garden, and the surrounding bazaar. Such a little piece of peaceful, beautiful Chinese garden, in the middle of the bustling city.

Having to say goodbye to the girls, after such an amazing trip, as I prepared to get out to the airport to go home, and then to Dom, Jasmine and Sabien, marked the finale to this most amazing time away - starting in Paris, and covering such a large scope of the world.

I caught the Maglev out to the airport for my flight home, which travelled up to 300 km/hour, making the trip from right in the city of Shanghai to the airport fly by in about 8 minutes. Wow!

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