Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Month of Friday Dinners

Since getting to Toronto, I have managed to have dinner somewhere different at the end of each week - finding such a spot was a task I set Kylie, and so began our Friday night dinner catch ups and restaurant discovery endeavours. I love exploring new places, and neighbourhoods, and given this city's vast multicultural vibrancy, we have such a range of amazing options!

The first dinner was really on the Sunday of the weekend I arrived, and ended up being the biggest and most fun night I have had to date. This was at the end of my introductory wander through the CBD with Kylie and Gina, and was at the Cloak and Dagger. This taco fest, and the 27 beers on tap still rates highly with me. Although taste testing such a range did not help me find a Canada beer of choice, and I still dabble in whatever is on offer!

The following week was Kylie and my favourite food place so far, being Guu SakaBar on Bloor Street. We were taken to the tatami area, where shoes were removed and we were seated at sunken tables. The staff were super friendly, and fun, and the whole place had such a buzz to it. This Japanese Izakaya restaurant has an array of dishes on the menu that were drool-worthy just from their description, and even more so on their plates! Deep fried Brie with mango and blueberry cinnamon spring rolls for dessert, a couple of our most memorable. Going to be very, very hard to beat!

Shanghai Cowgirl along Queen Street West with Kylie and Gina was a late night choice at the end of my second work week, and hit the spot with burgers and their hip interior.

I met Kylie and Meg, Chris and Damo in the city near work, at Red Lobster for another Friday night dinner. A chain restaurant, the meal was a seafood feast as the name suggests, and delivers amazing desserts!

In NXNE week, I wandered through Kensington Market area and found Supermarket for our dinner, and Kylie and Meg joined me for Asian tapas, with an international influence - like crispy fish and avocado tacos, which were delicious!

Just last week, we started with drinks at Bang Bang in Little Italy, we being Kylie and Gina and I, before Kylie and I headed for dinner in the next block. Utopia brought Mexican flavours to out palate, with burritos the choice - washed down with one of the few non-Strongbow ciders found in the city.

Very much looking forward to seeing what the next installments of food finds has for us! We are always looking out for suggestions and recommendations - where should we go next?

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