Saturday, November 09, 2013

Heidi Sculpture Garden

I have wanted to pop out and stroll around the Sculpture Garden at Heidi Museum of Modern Art for some time now, and finally made the trip out to the hidden gem of Melbourne at the end of last month.

Set on 15 acres, and stemming from the historic homestead and gallery buildings, the grounds are dotted with sculpture art. This you can walk through regardless of whether you visit the gallery, and alone is worth the visit.

The corrugated iron cows graze on the hill, the rolling Three Forms are just need the old house named Heidi I, and then this one below is Basket and Wave (from dreams and nightmares).

Next to the cows is this Guardians Of The Last Piece, and the structure below that you could spend ages looking through for it's difference perspectives, is Theoretical Matter.

After treating myself to afternoon tea at Cafe Vue, I then went into the gallery itself to check out some of the current exhibits. The Reverse Gardens were really impressive, as was the striking Explorers and Intruders by Albert Tucker.

Rooms filled with little painted figures were the feature of the current feature - Beauty, Anarcy, Desire, by Stephen Benwell. Then the old apartment out the back, which is Heide II, was the site of the collection called Poetry, Dream & The Cosmos - pieces from Charles Blackman, Sidney Nolan and a host of others. It was really stunning.

The Rings Of Saturn is the first thing you see from the road into the carpark, and the last sculpture you see as you leave, and is the impressive, even on a gloomy Melbourne day in Spring.

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