Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Top 5: Play Count

Listening to music on my iPod mostly on shuffle, and having it with me most of the time, and yet my top tracks in iTunes have a pretty familiar listing over the years since I have been doing this annual post. Again, the 10 tracks give me the most listened to artists. All Aussies this year.

Seeker Lover Keeper's Even Though I'm A Woman is still my most played song in my collection.

My love of Gotye's Making Mirrors album has caught up with my top 10 listened tracks, with Save Me and Easy Way Out in the top 3 listened songs, before the ever amazing Learnalilgivinanlovin. The lesser appreciated gem on the MM album Giving Me A Chance is next, and then the most appreciated is next, Somebody That I Used To Know. In Your Light is in the 10 songs, 5 artists of the top counts too, at number 8.

Clare Bowditch's You Looked So Good is next.

Mercy Valley from the Oh Mercy boys and girl is at 9.

The song that melts my heart with every listen makes up the top 10, and is Old Fitzroy from Dan Sultan. An incredible track.

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