Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Sweet Treats In South Yarra

The patisseries of South Yarra have been something that has sprung up and become a new pocket of Melbourne over the last year or so. I have been keen to go and check these out for some time, and wow, did LuxBite impress!

Springer and I, having our birthdays 10 days apart, had a bit of an impromtu, ad hoc birthday carnival this year, which included brunch and treats. A sugar high for our middle age!

LuxBite is on Toorak Road, a stones throw from South Yarra station, and it blends into those pretty and shiny stores on that side of the river.

Coffees were of course a necessity, being morning and being up and about and all, but it felt lovely having a rare weekday off to live like the other half of the world live! This was once I joined Springer at the single communal table in the front of LuxBite.

The decor was pretty, and colourful...and the place smelled like heaven!

Choosing breakfast wasn't hard, cos I had pretty much decided after reading the description of the eggs on the online menu.

The soft poached eggs are called 60/60 eggs....cos they have been poached at 60C for 60 minutes. Who looks after eggs for that long! They were light and delicious.

The maple infused bacon, plus avo. An amazing breakfast. Amazing.

Even though breakfast was more than enough, you can't go to LuxBite without choosing a treat. But that is actually the hardest part. What to have!

So many beautiful desserts, all laid out in multiplicity. The colours, the little details.

Even the names were cute - Endless Love, Apple Of My Eye, Be My Love.
One of the more famed of these treats from the LuxBite selection case is the Lolly Bag Cake. 7 layers of sweets, just like the lolly bags of the milk bars of our childhood. Redskin glaze on the top, there is a freckle layer, musk mellow, spearmint goo, banana and jaffa layers too. Incredible, the delicate differentiations, and the care put in. So impressive!

This was my selection, and a crazy hit of sugar. But you can make that type of choose on a birthday week, right!?

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