Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Festival of George

George Clooney is EVERYWHERE at the moment!! He's been on the red carpet at every awards ceremony this year, he's been interviewed in newspapers and on tv bits every couple of days (it seems), he's face is on ads in the Underground. 'Course, all this coverage is because he is in two new movies, one of which he directors, and has been nominated for both for a bunch of awards.

Last Thursday night a group of us headed across town from work, and settled in for a yummy dinner, red wine, and good hearty gossip. Niny, Hilary, Emy and I dwindled down to three, and then two when one unnamed member of the party fell asleep (tsk tsk!!), for Good Night, and Good Luck. Caitlin joined us at the cinema, the Everyman in Hampstead, as the film started.

In black and white, and highly political, I must admit it wasn't the most excing movie to watch after a few glasses of red. Hat's off to George for putting the story out there, and revealing all the aspects of putting that story out...but hmmm, I think I was after something lighter!!

Nevertheless, the group reconvened last night for our second night of George, following the news of his big Oscar win on the weekend.

Stopping at (London) Victoria Station so that Leilah could introduce me to my first Krispy Kreme experience (how have I not gone original glaze, or any glaze, before!!??). Then Niny, Hilary, Emy, Leilah and I headed to Notting Hill for dinner at the yummy Nyonya, before heading to see George's Oscar winning performance.

Back to the Electric for Syriana, we settled in for brownies, comfy seats, and a good movie. Intense, and one I definately think I am still processing. Very good.


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