Thursday, March 16, 2006

London to Cape

Just a quick note to let people at home, and at work, know that I have made it into Cape Town, South Africa, without a hitch!!

After rushing around like mad yesterday in an attempt to get everything I could done at work in preperation for my three weeks away from the office, I also managed the long train(s) haul from East Croydon to Heathrow in time to catch my flight!! Major stress of mine, getting to the airport!! Seems to be getting worse with every flight I take!!

The Virgin Atlantic 10 hour flight to Johannesburg was actually quite OK - the little compartmentalised food was edible, the movies and TV shows were on tap (which meant I got to see the Tarantino CSI epoisodes I missed!!), and even without much sleep was all good.

Arrived in an overcast but WARM Johannesburg, for a 2 hour layover before my Kulula flight down to Cape Town - all worked well, including the Charles arranged airport pick-up for me. He's a good lad!! Seeing my name upon exiting the baggage claim area - very good!

Coming into town, to our Big Blue accomodation, the van was surrounded by beautiful clear blue sky, sun with actual heat, and the amazing Table Mountain. Now we're talking!!

Catching up with Charles over beers, and meeting some of the Waving The Flag gang over some more beers, I am more than ready to sleep off my tiredness now. Bring on the match tomorrow!

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