Friday, March 24, 2006

Wine and the beach

On Tuesday, Charles and I joined the Flagger crew for a tour of the winery region around Stellenbosch.

Set among the rolling hills and stunning mountains, the first winery saw us all flying after tasting each variety. The going sweep for the first spew even went here, and thankfully it wasn't me!!

The guy running the tour was a complete nut, who had apparently won the first SA Big Brother. Total mad man, and very funny, he made sure the group kicked off. Not that the crew needed any help.

Brandy tasting next, and the recall for the day gets a little hazy. A couple more wineries after that, before the final one set in the most scenic of spots...and then more drinks around in Campes Bay again to watch the sunset and take in more fluids at a bar there.

Very fun day....

After a rest day the next day, Charlie and I have caught a flight with the comedian Kulula crew up to Durban. The flight crew make all sorts of jokes while doing the safety demo and announcing most things - which is all fun and games, but they could at least keep the plane steady!! I don't think I have ever felt a plane roll so much! Ewww!

So once in Durban, and checking into the Banana Backpackers, I headed off for a wonder along the glorious beach...all the way down from North to South Beach. Walked around the Water Park area down there, got my toes wet, and just soaking in the calming effects of the rolling ocean. (More photos)

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