Sunday, March 12, 2006

Irish Pubcrawl

Liz and Cathal arrived for a long weekend in London, and I met up with them after work on Friday night. We traveled on the tube to Arsenal, to meet up with Sandra and Rowena for a yummy dinner and a few drinks.

Yesterday, Liz, Cathal and I embarked on another attempt at the Monopoly Pub Crawl. We started a little later than the instructions specified, but at a decent hour, and started to make our way around to all the stops.

Having done this before, I still managed to get lost with a couple of the changes - we seemed to take ages and ages to find Fenchurch Street Station, only to find that the pub was closed.

A half pint at each pub before moving on to the next one, we did quite well, despite the freezing wind at every change. Stopping for the match and a much needed food stop, The Castle is still one of my favourite pubs on the crawl. Sandra and Rowena joined us here, where we saw Ireland win, and caught up on the missed pint from earlier!

Moving along in the bitter wind, we managed to stop off so that Sandra and Rowena could try their luck getting to Hogwart's at King's Cross Station.

Getting dark now, we continued through the instructions. More crusty pubs, and through to little tucked away pubs. By closing time for pubs, we had managed to complete the first half of the route, almost to the same point of my first attempt. Not bad.

Our location at this time was perfect to join Jenny at Strawberry Moons, for her leaving drinks. After lining up for a little too long in the guest list line, we eventually got in and hit the dancefloor.

Bit of a large day!! Just trying to return some of the hospitality I have always received in Ireland when I have gone to visit!

(More photos.)

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  1. Tash you forgot to mention your slack-arse Aussie hangover the day after. I know I look very drunk in some of those photos but at least I didn't have to jump off a bus and throw up my breakfast in front of half of London!! Never mind practice makes better when it comes to the boozing.......


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