Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour at the Zoo

Earth Hour is an event to bring attention to action againt global warming, starting in Sydney back in 2007. This event is fast growing, with many gatherings much talked about in Melbourne this year. I happened to win a double pass to the event at the Melbourne Zoo, through Faster Louder, and invited Nicole along.

Finding a spot as the sun went down on the grass infront of the band stage, we were confronted with a mass of people with picnic setups and big gathering, including families and birthday parties. First up on stage was New Yorker Mamie Minch, with her full on East Coast accent and blues sound.

CW Stoneking was the main act for the night, with his New Orleans style jazz and blues. And storytelling! Quite entertaining!

The lights dimmed on stage from 8.30pm for the hour, before coming back on for the final song. Sitting out under the stars to jazz and blues, with the lions roaring in the enclosure behind us...what a different Saturday night!

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