Saturday, March 07, 2009

End Of Fashion

Last night Project 2009 took us to Terra Rosa, a restaurant trying to be a cool bar in the city...not really working. Cosy and cool decor, but they are actually serving proper meals in there, and none of us was fooled!

We finished our one drink requirement, and then walked around to the Spice Market, at the Grand Hyatt. Long line suggests an amazing place, but thirsty and impatient we were considering going elsewhere, when Kate talked our group's way into the place without the wait. We wandered through the catacomb-like setting, and were lead to the top bar, overseeing the array of suits and drinkers.

I left the girls to mingle and drink some more, and made my way up Lygon Street to the East Brunswisk Club, for a much anticipated gig. I met Nicole out the front, ready for The Greasers up first, with Dom from Little Red, to a small crowd.

Next up were Oh Mercy, a band fast becoming a favourite. Alex wasn't particularly chatty with the light on crowd, not giving his introduction to In My Stride... Salvation Jane was great, and Seemed Like A Good Idea with Eliza on backing vocal harmonies.

The headline act was End Of Fashion, and we were very keen to see them again after Homebake. The room started to gain more people, with many hardcore fans crowding the stage. She's Love, winding into Oh Yeah, two of their massive hits back to back. This four piece collection of Aussie rock belted out Dying For You and Fussy, from their new album, and had the crowd hanging for more. The Game was the final song of the encore, showing that this band is a force live.

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  1. Glad to see your digging Oh Mercy.


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