Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Melbourne Kräftskiva

Finding information about a Scandinavian Crayfish Party among the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival pages, Jenny booked us in for the evening, to take Johan along to a little piece of home. Hearing him tell stories about this event back in Sweden, it sounds like a version of Oktoberfest, but with cute Swedes!

On Sunday, after a very lazy day, Jenny and Johan and I made our way across town to Port Melbourne to The Exchange Hotel, and up to the upstairs function room. We were soon served by our Swedish host with scampi (or were they just big prawns?!), potatoes and dill and salad. Beer to wash this down.

In between courses, the schnapps, or closest Aussie equivalent, was served complete with Swedish drinking song to ensure rowdy sculling.

This version of Kräftskiva wasn't quite as rowdy and messy as the stories from the old country, with just 4 Swedes in the room. Quite civilised actually, sadly! But it meant we still went home with a Swede at least! And also allowed for the four to meet, and mingle.

More king prawns as the next course, with another buffer of mint infused schnapps, and then another course of yabbies (or were they just smaller prawns?!). Little chocolate and toffee Dain treats to end the night.

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